Leivi Saltman Photography


Leivi Saltman

Memories will last a lifetime with L.S Photography.

Born in 1994, Leivi is a London based photographer specialising in event and architectural photography.

His interest in photography began at a very early age and after studying Photography A-level, he attended Birmingham City University to widen his knowledge in photography, where he graduated with a 1st  Class BA degree in Visual Communications Photography. 

He focuses on the key elements, which make up any image from light, tone, texture, shape, form and even colour. By covering all of these elements he is guaranteed the perfect image, which will look magnificent.

What amazes him about photography is how you can simply freeze time with a simple click of a button. His one aim whilst photographing anything is to capture everything in perfect detail and at the correct moment, which will result in a lifetime of memories for his clients. Leivi has worked for both in private event photography, corporate and commercial photography.

During the course of his degree he has learnt new tricks and creative techniques and using only the highest quality equipment and software, he will stop at nothing to achieve your desired shots.

He tries his best to capture the unseen moments, the ones that you will remember forever… and that is why Leivi loves photography.

If you would like to get in-contact regarding any queries then please don't hesitate. We look forward to hearing from you!